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Update Four: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

Bill Malchisky  January 29 2018 09:40:34 AM
Just a quick update today. We completed all of our testing on the new Notes on Mac64 for High Sierra installer last week and it went quite well. We gave IBM our favorable review. IBM internal is finishing things and then the code will be released through the usual channels. My IBM SWE will update the High Sierra Technote in concert with the code release. We are also testing Notes 9.0.1 IF12 against High Sierra from a clean installation perspective.

When my AVL informs me of the time and IBM approves my announcing the release, I will do so here.

Heading to IBM Think 2018? Here is an Exciting Invitation

Bill Malchisky  January 18 2018 08:02:11 PM
Think To Ski is Here!

This is the scenic way home from Vegas. Join us on the beer bus from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City, through the mountains and enjoy a beautiful drive with friends. We have a great evening arranged for Friday night in SLC, then skiing on Saturday and Sunday (if you wish).
Great business networking in a relaxed and intimate environment. See some of America outside of the big city and unwind before you make the trip home. The hotel gave us a great rate to help your budget after a week in Vegas.

Anyone in the IBM community is welcomed. We talked about it with many attendees at Engage 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium, and again at MWLUG 2017 in Washington, DC. We are very excited to offer the trip and invite you. Any questions, please comment below or send an e-mail via the link below.

Trip Details
Dates: Friday, 23 March - 24/25 March 2018 (flexible return)
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Return Airport code: SLC
Web site: ThinkTo.Ski
Questions: Contact me here

Image:Heading to IBM Think 2018? Here is an Exciting Invitation

Update Three: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

Bill Malchisky  January 8 2018 05:40:00 AM
Note: This update is provided with approval from IBM

Below is my third installment on IBM's official support for macOS High Sierra (OS X 10.13). Exciting progress!

Issue Update

* IBM contacted me on Thursday, 4 Jan 18 with an update on the build process
* IBM provided the first-cut of the build outside of IBM on Friday, 5 Jan 18
* IBM tested it for a multitude of installation scenarios, some of which our AVL reviewed with me

Resolution Request

* In confirming what the release includes, it is a base installer only
* As per my L2 contact, the following three points were also discussed:
      1. ND 9.0.1 Interim Fixes are available as a separate download, to be installed after installation
      2. IBM tested against targeted High Sierra fixes
      3. Any IBM updates necessary for Meltdown or Spectre would be included separately

Testing Results

* We started testing the build on Friday, 5 Jan 18
* Although preliminary in nature, we were able to install Notes on High Sierra, which we could not do previously
* We have more machines and testing to complete, but the initial results are encouraging
* Only a very small group of entities have the code currently, and I am happy to be involved with the testing process, as well as receive permission to blog my work with IBM on this PMR
* Although conjecture, I believe IBM is being very careful with this release, due to the scope and complexity of the OS level changes High Sierra introduces

Historical Links

Initial Update (With Technote Link)
Update Two

Update Two: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

Bill Malchisky  January 3 2018 11:00:00 AM
Happy New Year, Everyone. Just a quick update on the work with IBM for Notes on MacOS High Sierra. My original post is here.

Issue Update

* IBM promised me an update on 1 Dec, which they kept
* IBM thought they could provide a beta cut to us around mid-December
* IBM identified an issue in the installer, requiring additional adjustments and testing
* They are currently testing the changes after the year-end holiday break
* Glad they want to get it correct the first time
* My next meeting on this matter is Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Resolution Request

* As per the ask, I have no updates yet as to the extent of the additional patches in the to be offered fix
* I will ask during my next call as to whether IF12 is included or not

Disclaimer: I did receive permission from IBM to post this update

Update: IBM Notes on MacOS High Sierra Support

Bill Malchisky  November 30 2017 02:00:00 AM
Ever since Apple released High Sierra (macOS 10.13) on 25 September 2017, there have been some interesting hiccups with certain network reliant products. I’ve worked with people on resetting encryption key rings for VPN tools and IPSEC connections, as one example. On the IBM side and as many of you know, Notes on Mac x64 has been a challenge (Including other IBM products). In working very closely with IBM on this issue, I wanted you to know the latest status.

Issue Summary

1. If you install Notes fresh on High Sierra, Notes will crash during the installation. If you keep at it, you will be successful, but the number of installation attempts varied a bit in our testing; the Technote (see below) states a second time shall succeed; in some cases we had to go more than that, but in the end, it would install. Thus, the installer instability is a problem;

2. If Notes is installed before upgrading to High Sierra, then Notes will keep working fine upon upgrading the macOS. In testing on my own iMac, installing Notes before upgrading to High Sierra worked well, though, I did notice that occasionally, the background on some icons changed colors until Notes is restarted. Example, the image icon inside an Action Button;

3. Additionally, we observed the installation issue both on the iMac and MBP platforms, so the installer issue does not appear to be hardware related.

Technote on IBM Support for Notes on High Sierra

Issue Update

* IBM reported that the fix would be released on 25 October 2017
* As of 30 November, IBM is still working on a quality, stable, reliable update
* IBM promised me an ETA by Friday, 1 December with when the fix will be available for my team to test
* Although conjecture, I suspect the broad reaching changes High Sierra introduced are delaying IBM's release
* With my client, we opened a PMR on 2 October and immediately worked closely with IBM on a fix
* We held (and continue) weekly meetings which include this PMR
* My direct communications with our assigned IBM L2 Support Technician are frequent and on-going
* It is import to note that IBM is also experiencing this issue and escalated internally through their own PMR
* I am not authorized to indicate how high or by whom, but know this matter is getting the correct attention inside IBM

Resolution Request

* My ask of IBM is to provide a stable reliable Notes 9.0.1 installer containing the latest IF12 patch
* That way we can do things in one shot, after waiting so long
* Honestly, we have not received a confirmation on whether they will provide just the installer or combine the patch, but that is our request

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


    Last Chance for Nominating IBM Champions

    Bill Malchisky  November 30 2017 10:01:00 PM
    Just a quick reminder that today, 30 November 2017 is the last day to nominate someone (or re-nominate yourself) for the status of IBM Champion.

    IBM Champions Nomination Form

    Additional Links Of Interest
    Information on the IBM Champion Program
    Seven Ways To Know An IBM Champion

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxAsJImW8AAeadR.jpg style=

    IBM Domino and Docker Support Announced

    Bill Malchisky  August 15 2017 08:00:00 PM
    During Barry Rosen's Future directions on Notes/Domino session and again during our Linuxfest DC session last week at MWLUG, IBM announced that they will support Domino on Docker with Domino 9.0.1 FP10. Originally, this support would be announced in 2018, but due to the success of the IBM Application Insights Survey announced at Engage, IBM changed their task priorities and accelerated Docker support based upon your input.

    FP10 is scheduled to be released by EOY 2017. The next question is, "What does support imply?" Currently, if you call IBM and ask them for support and tell them you are running Domino in a Docker container on Linux, you will be told, "That configuration is not supported." Once FP10 is released, you can use Domino on Docker as a valid platform.

    Next, I asked Barry about supporting as a deliverable a Docker image file. Thus, "Will be be able to type, 'docker pull domino' and get an image?" He replied that is not part of the original plan, but under consideration.

    Finally, as I discussed with a few MWLUG attendees after Linuxfest DC and also during my last session, I want to provide a few points on deploying Domino intelligently inside a docker container
    1. Feel free to create your own docker image files locally so you can deploy internally Domino in a Docker container
    2. Be certain that you only include the installation files for Domino in the image
    3. Avoid installing or completing server setup within your image file or you'll have multiple servers deployed and running with the same server ID and server name
    4. Ensure that you also keep confidential or otherwise sensitive information out of your image files -- especially if any Docker image you create should be published to the Docker container catalog

    Nice to see that IBM is making great strides to improve what they offer and listen once again to the great IBM Community.

    Any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Image:IBM Domino and Docker Support Announced Image:IBM Domino and Docker Support Announced

    Attention IBM Customers and BPs, Be Heard! New IBM Notes/Domino Application Survey

    Bill Malchisky  August 14 2017 08:00:00 PM
    After the success of the first IBM survey announced at our IBM Engage session in May (see link to post)---which helped to re-prioritize new capabilities like Docker---Barry Rosen announced a new survey at MWLUG. I completed it and am pleased with this survey's focus on APIs, app modernization, along with creating a new feeling that IBM is serious about Domino as an application development platform.

    The first survey results really had an impact and moved up significantly Docker support (more shortly here); kudos to you if you took the time to be heard. Please take a few minutes to let the thoughts of yourself, your company, and perhaps your colleagues be sent to the minds at IBM. They are reading and acting upon your input.

    This will be covered in more detail during our Linuxfest DC session on Thursday, 10 Aug too.

    Survey Link

    Image:Attention IBM Customers and BPs, Be Heard! New IBM Notes/Domino Application Survey

      IBM Think 2018 Session Abstract Submission Date Announced

      Bill Malchisky  August 13 2017 08:00:00 PM
      IBM announced that commencing on 21 Aug 2017, you can submit abstracts for IBM Think 2018. As of this writing, there does not appear to be information on session tracks, other than a pop-up informing prospective presenters to be creative. As I've watched the conference site frequently over the past few weeks, no additional information being available on tracks, implies to me we will learn this on Monday, 21 Aug. Thus, if you are considering submitting a session, you can start thinking about what you might like to offer the community--if you haven't already done so. If you do submit a session, I wish you the best of luck in getting selected.

      Useful Links

      Simplified conference URL: ibm.com/think2018
      For conference updates - follow @ibmlive and #ibmthink
      Event location - Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas, NV
      Sponsors & Exhibitors - Send e-mail here

      Image:IBM Think 2018 Session Abstract Submission Date Announced

      MWLUG - Linuxfest DC Guest Speaker Announced

      Bill Malchisky  August 2 2017 02:31:06 AM
      On Thursday, 10 Aug 2017, I will be presenting Linuxfest DC at this year's MWLUG located in DC. In order to provide an informative experience for attendees, I sought a special guest speaker to join me. Today, I am pleased to announce Barry Rosen will be co-presenting with me for an extended special breakfast session. We will be covering IBM's current Linux strategy, plus provide technical information to ensure that all session attendees gain knowledge they can use immediately upon returning from the event. Breakfast will be served. Both Barry and myself look forward to seeing you at our session.

      If you haven't registered for MWLUG, there are still a few spaces left. Please register here. See you in DC!

      Session Abstract
      SA105 - Linuxfest DC - Technical Brief and Discourse for ICS on Linux
      Thursday, August 10, 2017 | 07:45 AM - 09:00 AM | Beech Room

      The Linuxfest international tour continues! A lot is changing in the world of IBM and Linux. For example, with the emergence of Docker and Pink, Linux is now a critical component within any organization building and managing dynamic and scalable solutions. Join Bill Mal and Barry Rosen to get the latest on the current strategy regarding Notes, Domino, and Docker, on Linux. Whether you are a Linux newbie, a pro, or just curious, bring your questions to receive honest answers that always foster great dialogue from the IBM Community. IBM has a longstanding commitment to Linux, let us hear if their strategy still aligns with your business. After eight years at Lotusphere and Connect, we are happy to be making our debut at MWLUG. Join us!

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